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About Saigon Park Mississauga

In 2017, representatives of a group of Vietnamese Canadians known as Saigon Park Working Committee (SPWC) approached the City seeking to have a park named, ‘Saigon Park’.


In the June 27 General Committee meeting and July 4 Mississauga Council Meeting, councillors approved a designated park site to become “Saigon Park”, located at 240 Matheson Boulevard West near the Hurontario and Matheson intersection.


The park is 3.51 hectares (8.67 acres) and is located at 240 Matheson Boulevard West. In addition to the pond, features of the park will include the above-ground storm water management facility, perimeter pathway (including fitness circuit and outdoor exercise equipment), a pier with lookout points, shade structures, picnic tables, seating and public art.  Culture Division staff secured local artist Ferruccio Sardella to design the public art piece for the park. The fitness circuit is approximately 1 kilometre long (0.62 miles) and will include distance markers and interpretive signage. Construction of the park and storm water management facility is anticipated to be completed in 2019.

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Significance of Saigon Park Mississauga


"Naming ‘Saigon Park’ aligns with the ‘Belong’

pillar of the City’s Strategic Plan" City of Mississauga

Following the fall of Saigon, in the late 1970s and 1980s, many Vietnamese were forced to leave their homeland in search of democracy and freedom. Canada welcomed these refugees; many of whom settled in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The Dixie Neighbourhood Centre played a key role in welcoming and settling the refugees in Mississauga. More than fourteen thousand (14,000) Vietnamese Canadians live in Mississauga – the 5th largest population of all metropolitan areas in the country.


Saigon, as the capital city of Vietnam was known as “Paris of the East” and is a cultural and intellectual meeting place. One of SPWC’s goals is for current and future generations of Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese Mississaugans to learn about, understand and appreciate the significance of the name ‘Saigon’ and its relationship to values of democracy, freedom and harmony. For the SPWC, these values can be represented with the peaceful and tranquil character of a “parklike” setting.


A strategic pillar for change in Mississauga’s Strategic Plan is ‘Belong’, whose guiding principle

is that Mississauga be a city that thrives on its social and cultural diversity, where immigrants are welcomed. Naming ‘Saigon Park’ aligns with the ‘Belong’ pillar of the City’s Strategic Plan.


It is an opportunity to publically honour, welcome and share the Vietnamese community’s

peaceful message and cultural values, widely and within the community at large.


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